Quality meets 50 Years of Experience

T&M Machining is dedicated to quality service and exceptional product design.


In addition to our straightening fixtures, T&M Machining provides consulting services to foundries worldwide seeking to improve the efficiency of their straightening operations. Our decades of hands-on experience in the investment casting industry provide a wealth of knowledge and practical information that you can use. An efficiently run straightening facility with well-designed, effective tools will increase your production, lower your overall costs, and make you more competitive.


The use of a properly designed straightening fixture will greatly enhance the quality of your finished product. A T&M-designed straightening fixture increases your product acceptance rate while decreasing the costs associated with rejects and reworks. For today’s demanding business climate, a T&M straightening fixture is an investment in the future.

“We can quickly make changes to your straightening fixture to accommodate casting drawing revisions.
The T&M team stands ready to assist you throughout the life of your T&M fixture.”


T&M Machining has a full-service, state-of-the-art engineering department staffed by three full-time engineers. T&M straightening fixtures are designed using five CAD terminals using Mastercam X4® software technology. The CAD system is then used to “proof test” the fixture design before any metal is machined. “The result is increased efficiency and extraordinary value for our customers,” says Mario Mangone, president.


A straightening fixture is an investment in efficiency. A T&M straightening fixture is an investment that will pay for itself many times over in decreased production time and increased profit. And T&M Machining stands behind each fixture it builds. Detailed records of each straightening fixture are on file at T&M Machining for quick reference in case a question or a problem ever arises.


Proper design is the most important element of any straightening fixture. T&M uses over forty years of knowledge and experience when designing fixtures for the casting industry. Wear features on T&M fixtures are designed for easy replacement in the field, eliminating costly rebuild and downtime. “We design each fixture for durability and ease-of-use,” explains Mario. “Our fixtures are used in foundries all over the world and, with proper maintenance and use, they will last for years.”


All Processing is Performed by Approved Outside Suppliers as a Value-Added Service for Our Customers


MIL-I-45208A – Quality System
MIL-STD-105 – Sampling System
ANSI Z540.1 Calibration System