Solid Craftsmanship

The straightening of steel and aluminum castings to drawing tolerances remains one of the most risky and expensive operations in the investment casting industry. For over thirty years, T&M Machining, Inc. has been designing and developing fixtures for straightening these aluminum and steel castings to blueprint tolerances.

Over the past several decades, T&M Machining, Inc. has invested heavily in modern technology and equipment. T&M  uses the latest Mastercam CAD/CAM software for tooling design and CNC programming . All processes, from initial design to final testing, are closely monitored for quality and conformance to drawing requirements.  We have press facilities and a furnace for hot straightening on-site to test and guarantee all of our fixtures prior to shipment.  Our fixtures are approved and in use in foundries throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, India and Australia.


Mario and his team are committed to innovative design and solid craftsmanship in every straightening fixture they produce. “Casting designs are becoming more complex and demanding closer tolerances from the foundry,” says Mario. “Let T&M Machining, Inc. help you produce a superior product and save money by using the right tool for your straightening process.”


In addition to our straightening fixtures, T&M Machining provides consulting services to foundries worldwide seeking to improve the efficiency of their straightening operations. Our decades of hands-on experience in the investment casting industry provide a wealth of knowledge and practical information that you can use. An efficiently run straightening facility with well-designed, effective tools will increase your production, lower your overall costs, and make you more competitive.


T&M uses over forty years of knowledge and experience when designing fixtures for the casting industry. Wear features on T&M fixtures are designed for easy replacement in the field, eliminating costly rebuild and downtime. “We design each fixture for durability and ease-of-use,” explains Mario. “Our fixtures are used in foundries all over the world and, with proper maintenance and use, they will last for years.”

Our Team

You can tell a lot about a company by its employees. Look at T&M Machining employees and you will find talented, dedicated professionals who truly care about the company they work for and the products they make. T&M Machining employees have an average tenure of over 12 years. Two employees have been with the company for over 20 years. It takes a special kind of company to earn that kind of loyalty. “T&M Machining is proud of its people,” says Mario Mangone, president. “That same pride is found in every straightening fixture we build.”